Karl (louderback) wrote in louderprose,

Freewriting: The Room

The Room
I did not recognize the place in which I woke. I was in pain. I was in considerable pain. My legs did not work and though I saw no evidence of severe injury, they afflicted me with pain that felt like broken bones and crushed or lacerated flesh. My arms felt better, but every joint from shoulder to fingertips felt as though it had been stretched to its breaking point. My breathing was labored, the ache with each intake of breath told of broken ribs. It took a considerable time for me to take inventory in this fashion and it was only after that I took stock of my surroundings. There were walls around me. At least I could not see any great distance and there was no visible horizon. If I seem questioning on so elementary a matter, accept that my eyes were blurry and that the walls had no visible joint with ceiling or floor and exhibited nothing resembling a corner. The boundaries I was experiencing were nacre-like in that they had that mother-of-pearl sheen and pinkish rainbow of iridescence. They were, however, of a …well, stolid nature. One cannot look at the surface of a wall and determine its thickness, but looking on these walls one knew, beyond doubt, that they were solid— dense and impenetrable. The floor, ceiling, and walls were identically featureless and the sloping smoothing of the edges (appreciated manually, as I was lying near a wall) left me with a somewhat dizzying and disorienting discomfort around the eyes when I tried too hard, or too long, to focus.
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