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Freewriting: the enormous ship

The ship was astoundingly large. I watched it approach through the main viewport. While any ship can seem overwhelming when it is close and spans the entire horizon, this ship kept reminding me of its size in subtle ways. It was more than a kilometer distant and still crowded us. The ships coming and going constantly from its landing bays were the size of a mining asteroid, many times the size of the ship in which I stood, and seemed flit about its ponderousness. The body of the ship was rotating, slowly to my eyes, but I knew that that was illusion. At its outer rim, the gravity created by centripetal spin was heavier than that of Jupiter. I suppose the awe I felt for the craft was somewhat diminished by the ridiculous, to my eye, colors she was painted. The command cabin at the top and the thrust nacelles at the bottom were painted a vivid red. The main body of the craft was alternately striped with primary red, vivid yellow and a rather squamous green, giving the whole ship rather the aspect of an enormous spinning top painted to resemble a circus clown. An extremely large, ominous, rather sinister circus clown…
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