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An exerpt from "Wolves of the World" Werewolves running down prey

The pack got “protection” money from every business for several blocks in any direction. Ken assured Warren, however, that it wasn’t a typical protection racket – plain blackmail with threat of violence. The pack actually protected their territory. There was not crime but what they committed. Any robbery, any attack, any threat to people in their territory was met with extreme and most dire vengeance. Those avenged were sometimes forced to pay a price, but Ken assured Warren that it wasn’t extreme. Warren asked for an example. Ken gave him a lurid one.

“Over in t’bar out a da west end o’ da territory, a girl hadda problem.”


“A sexual problem, yuh-know?”


“Yeah. She was just a kid, seventeen, and didn’t know better. She and a friend took their fake ids to the wrong kinda bar. The friend ran when trouble showed up, but the girl didn’t. Susan, she was, I think. Anyways, Susie chatted up some bad boy and didn’t know what she was flirtin’ with, yuh-know?”
Warren nodded solemnly.

“She wound up bent over a bar stool and this douchebag and his fuckwad friends took turns on her for a coupla hours. The bartender didn’t do nothin and the place just cleared out and let ‘em do her.”

“How did you get involved?”

“Early in the morning, the bartender called the girl’s father to come and get her so he could close down. Asshole didn’t say nothin’ about what happened to her, just told daddy his little girl was passed out on the floor. Daddy came and took her home, thinking she was just passed out drunk until the next morning. She started spoutin’ her story, yuh-know? Daddy owns one of the stores we protect, and he called Lee.”

“Why Lee and not J or you?”

“Lee collects from the store Daddy runs, yuh-know? Anyways, Ray rolls over there and little Susie pours out her heart to him – look at him, yuh-know? He’s got the good looks – the trustworthy face, yuh-know?”

“Yeah. I can see where he might be easier for a young girl to talk to.”

“Yeah. Anyways, the whole story comes out, and Lee comes back and tells the whole thing to J complete with arm waving and tears in his voice, yuh-know? He made a full fuckin’ production of it.”

“He do that often or is that unusual?”

“Lee is usually quiet as a fuckin’ statue in front of the library. He don’t get worked up, yuh-know?”

“Must have made an impression.”

“Fuckin’ right! J started wreckin’ furniture and called everybody into the room. We went down and pulled that bartender outta his bed in the middle of the day. I mean that’s how pissed J was. We don’t do our dirty deeds in the daylight, yuh-know?”

“Makes sense.”

“Well the bartender, whose name I forget was one of our protected customers. He knew better than to let something like that happen in his place. We tossed him around until he gave us the names of the guys that raped Susie. Wasn’t too hard to get ‘em outta him. J was so pissed that he decided this bartender, maybe Jamie was his name, this Jamie was in violation of his contract.”

“I don’t get that?”

“When we protect you, you are supposed to report problems to us. When you don’t report the problems, you’re causin’ us problems, yuh-know?”

“Oh, I get it.”

“Yeah. Well, this Jamie was all bloody from bein’ tossed about, yuh-know? Claw marks, some cuts, his face was never gonna be pretty again, the smell of blood was strong. Anyways, J’s blood was up and he just bent down and chewed the guy’s face. Ray got in there too, got teeth into his shoulder, and pretty quick, there wasn’t much left but pieces. They left him like that. I felt bad. It was hard on the family, but that bartender was an asshole to let that happen and do nothin. He didn’t call us and he didn’t even call the police. Lee went round that day and told the guy’s son that he had inherited the business. That was pretty much the end of things. No police was ever called or nothin’ yuh-know? Just a closed-casket funeral and nobody asked no questions. They know better.”

“Wow. You all killed him just like that? For not doing the right thing?”

“Yeah. That’s what I mean when I say protection we collect is the real thing...protection. Now those three men what done the rapin’ they got what they deserved too.”

“I’m almost afraid to ask. How’d you do it?”

“J planned it all. Three nights in a row. We wanted some of ‘em to know what was comin’ and know they couldn’t escape it. J says it’s important to scare the folks around here sometimes. Anyways, the first guy we caught on the street the next night. J walked up to him and told him we knew what he and his friends did. He said he could stand and take it like a man or we’d run him down. The douchebag, thought he was a tough guy. He didn’t know who J was even after J told him. He definitely didn’t know what running him down meant, yuh-know?”

“Running him down, like in a car?”

“I bet that’s what he thought. Naah. When we run someone down, we chase ‘em. It’s kinda a game. If they manage to run outside our territory, we let ‘em go unless we catch them around again. It’s kind an unspoken rule. Folks know it. He didn’t. So, anyways, he just kinda looked at J like he dared him to do something. J leaned forward put his face right in the fuckwad’s and screams ‘Run!’ at him. We all heard that and let out a howl. That get’s ‘em movin’ let me tell you!”


Ken looked at J and said, “Howl?” J nodded at him then said loudly enough to be heard over the other activity in the room ‘Howl!” A second later, heard the Tommies’ hunting howl. It was genuinely terrifying. Warren was actually shaken by the sound. The women in the room all cringed and more than one of them began a scream before their brute quieted them. The sound was a Wolf howl, the howl of a canine Wolf, but with the unmistakable tones of a human voice mixed in, the howl was long and almost sung. It carried a gravelly undertone that wasn’t quite a growl. It was like a choir singing simultaneously a cacophonous set of notes calculated to make you wet your pants.

“Oh shit!” Warren looked at Ken wide-eyed

“I said...It usually gets ‘em movin’”

“Oh fuck yes.”

“Well anyways, this jerk gets the picture, turns and runs. He keeps looking behind him like you was watching a Godzilla movie. A block down, he runs straight into a mailbox and does this beautiful flip – lands on his feet and keeps right on goin’. By this time, we’re all after him. He’s actually pretty fast, but nobody’s gonna outrun the pack, yuh-know? We let him run until he was breathin’ hard and getting scared. He tried doors here and there, but we make sure the neighborhood locks up, we eve lock doors for people when we find ‘em open. We don’t want nothing bad happening here unless it’s us, yuh-know? He’s just about to turn and make a stand when J pops up right beside him. We’re all fast, but J can do that, yuh-know, just put on a little burst of speed and show up like he popped outta the wind – especially at night. Well, the fucktard screamed. It was a high-pitched little-girly you’ve-got-me-by-the-titty scream. J grabbed his the guy’s junk and sunk in his claws. That got another scream. Then we was all there and J said ‘Eat ‘im’. You never heard a noise like the shithead made when he heard that. It was near the full-moon and we was all pretty wolfed out from that and from the chase, he was finally realizin’ what he had got into. J let him off pretty easy. Everybody took a bite or too then J reached down, grabbed the guy’s junk – he was pretty much naked now – and pulled it right off. Fucktard bled out pretty quick. J took the head too and the rest of us chewed the body up pretty good. We left the body where he lived and we put the head with the cock and balls stuffed in its mouth into a box. Lee took the box to the girl’s daddy and told him what was in it. He left it on the stoop and told Susie’s dad he could do what he liked with it. If he didn’t want it or if there was anything left when he was done, he could put the box in the trash and we would make it go away.”

“What did he do with it? Ye Gods, man that’s a ghastly thing to do!”

“When ya take vengeance, ya gotta show that vengeance was taken. I don’t know what he did, but he took the box inside and it stayed there a couple more days. He got another box just like it the next day and the next. After the bodies had been seen, we took ‘em and got rid of ‘em in the usual way.”

“Usual way?”

“Well, in this case, we buried ‘em. I don’t wanna upset you...”

“I’m a grown-up.”

“Well, sometimes we eat ‘em. Gets rid of ever’ thing but the bones and those are pretty easy to burn then scatter around.”
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